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SubjectRe: IP Alias Limit

On Sat, 21 Sep 1996, Alain Knaff wrote:

Alain.Knaff} From: Alain Knaff <>
Alain.Knaff} Subject: Re: IP Alias Limit

Alain.Knaff} Wouldn't it be easyer to use HTTP/1.1 non-IP Virtual Hosts, as
Alain.Knaff} described in ?

Bonjour Alain!

It would be, but I need more than httpd.

Regardless of whether I can make apache work, my real goal in this case
is to show a "manager" that Linux can scale to something FreeBSD can do.
It has not been easy to explain why there is an arbitrary limit placed on
the number of open FD's, since I don't know the answer.

The problem I am facing is that I can't fix it easily, whereas someone
else has solved the problem with FreeBSD. If that stands, then my
organization will lose Linux as the preferred platform. I don't want
that to happen. I couldn't show my face if I were responsible for
yet another big network company dumping Linux because of a misunderstanding.
Oops, I'm starting to sound like a c.o.l.advocacy twit...

So I gotta fix it :-) Or run BSD forever :-(

James L. McGill | NETCOM Interactive
Programmer / Analyst | Dallas, Texas
<> | -=[ ]=-

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