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SubjectRe: Bad news

On Fri, 20 Sep 1996, Boris Tobotras wrote:
> I tried 1.2.13, kernel `scsi' from slackware 3.0. Runs eight
> parallel crashmes without any fault. Rebooted then into 2.0.20 with
> [ crashes ]

Hmm.. We had some symptoms like this in the early 1.3.x releases, where 1.2.x
was stable and 1.3.x crashed for some people due to the page links being
stuffed up. That started happening with some mm optimizations, but that
actually went away for people when they disabled things like "high memory
relocation" in the BIOS chipset setup (the stuff that relocates the 384kB of
memory that is normally hidden under the 640kb->1MB area, and makes it
visible at the end of the memory map).

You might want to check those kinds of settings. Other than that I'm kind of
clueless right now, as it seems nobody else can re-create it (and "crashme"
should be deterministic: even the "random" stuff is non-random by design so
that you can repeat a run to verify things).


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