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SubjectRe: Patch for " Broken"
My proposed patch to remove the "Config Broken" warning when running
"make xconfig" met with this objection:

> Why disable this driver? It works for me, I run a SB16 and
> an AEDSP 16 in MSS emulation mode... Can we leave this as it
> is!

I was under the impression that the patch merely removes a question
that's always disabled anyway. Am I wrong? Perhaps I poorly worded
the comment I added at the end of the "#if 0" line.

Perhaps the question is disabled, but it provides a default value for
AEDSP16_BASE so aedsp16.c can compile. If that's the case, then we
should add a question about AEDSP16 support, so we can thus avoid the
" Broken" message.

Part of what drove my wording of the "#if 0" comment was this line at
the top of configure.c:

* AEDSP16 will not work without significant changes.

Many appy-polly-loggies if I'm being ignorant here. I would sure like
to see this cosmetic flaw cleaned from 2.0.



--- v2.0.20/linux/drivers/sound/configure.c Sun Aug 25 15:37:52 1996
+++ linux/drivers/sound/configure.c Thu Sep 19 00:00:33 1996
@@ -735,11 +735,13 @@
* IRQ and DMA settings

+#if 0 /* Disable AEDSP16 until it's fully supported. */
ask_int_choice (B (OPT_AEDSP16), "AEDSP16_BASE",
"I/O base for Audio Excel DSP 16",
"220 or 240");

ask_int_choice (B (OPT_SB), "SBC_BASE",
"I/O base for SB",
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