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SubjectRe: modules problems
Jacques Gelinas wrote:

> People should really forget about insmod.

Some time ago though somebody posted about ipx and appletalk .o
modules being probed for thus displaying errors on the console
if not built. My rc.sysinit now contains this:


# Clear mtab

# Enter root into mtab.
mount -f /

# OK, now create a symlink for the modules area
ln -snf /lib/modules/`uname -r` /lib/modules/current

# This should be finally fixed. Until I need IPX or Appletalk ;)
if [ ! -r /lib/modules/current/modules.dep ]
echo "Creating module dependencies"
/bin/mv -f /etc/modules.conf /etc/modules.conf.old
/sbin/depmod -a
/sbin/modprobe -c | /usr/bin/awk '{
if ($3 == "ipx" || $3 == "appletalk") print $1,$2,"off"
else print
}' > /etc/modules.conf

# Attempt to load modules.
if [ -x /sbin/kerneld ]


but I am not sure this is the intended way of doing things.
Has been working anyways every upgrade since 2.0.7... though
if anybody has a better idea please post it !




"well we've made mistakes before and I know we will make them
all again..." ('Conspiracy of the heart' - Steve Wynn)

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