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Subjectunsolited mailings...

I've had it.

It has come to my attention that certain companies are using snapshots
of the subscriptions to the linux lists at vger to blindly perform
mass mail advertisements.

Companies that I find are doing this will be black listed by me, this

All users at your company will be unsubscribed from all
linux lists at vger, any future subscription requests
will be denied.

If this goes any further out of hand, the "who listname" feature will
be permanently disabled at to even subscribers of
lists. I am going to currently make it such that only list members
can perform this command.

I consider a company a bunch of lame hoarders for doing this. This is
the worst thing I've seen happen in the Linux community in a long

Sheesh, you don't see RedHat et al. pulling stunts like this.

I'm extremely annoyed. Like I don't have 2 million other better
things to do...

David S. Miller

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