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SubjectRe: Linux's 5th birthday
On Fri, 20 Sep 1996, Melvin wrote:


> Ok, let me clarify that this was not the "American tradition" that
> I was referring to. I hope my harmless post doesn't turn into headlines:
> "In other news, a little known programmer was charged with a sexual
> harassment suit by the genius kernel hacker, Linus Torvalds. This
> is the first known example of ICSA (Inter-Continental Sexual Harassment).
> Bill Gates comments, '" This is the sort of thing that proves freeware
> OS hacking is deteriorating our moral fiber, if Linus had been using
> the Microsoft Network this would not have happened...."'"

Or if it did, that there would undoubtedly be a team of MS press hounds
on the scene within minutes claiming that it was because the users were
'abusing the protocol'.

(Sideways reference to the Samba team exposing security flaws in the
Microsoft SMB server implementation and a big smile for the humour
impaired folk)



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