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SubjectRe: Processes hanging on 2.0.20; not just on Alphas anymore :(

On Fri, 20 Sep 1996, Alan Cox wrote:
> Yep. I think this is another manifestation of the file locking stuff that
> locks SMP in 2.0.20, but in a differently annoying guise. Linus posted some
> changes to avoid this problem so hopefully .21 will fix it

Yep, 2.0.21 is out, and now SMP should be stable again thanks to the file
locking fixes (thanks to everybody who was testing things out). This also
does the "make depend" stage in C (everybodys fabourite gripe), and it's a
lot faster now. Whee.

2.0.21 also fixes a deadlock with the LOOP devices thanks to Ray Van Tassle
who has been working on this for some time.

The 3c509 driver also has a longer timeout that seems to be needed on some
setups, so if you had sporadic problems with detection of the 3c509 they
should hopefully be gone now. The wd7000 scsi driver is also updated, please
check it out.

Linus "on to 2.1, I think" Torvalds

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