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SubjectRe: Processes hanging on 2.0.20; not just on Alphas anymore :(
On Thu, 19 Sep 1996, Jon Lewis wrote:

> Odd. I posted about Apache 1.1.1 doing something similar last night. It
> went into state R, started chewing large % of CPU, and refused to die. I

Yup, it was eating CPU time pretty fast in my case too. I noticed that
after I sent my original message.

Interesting note; I just checked the server and the process has _finally_
gone away. It also went away overnight the last time it happened to me on
an FTP process. (Note that the two FTP incidents for me were on different
machines: one was a Dec Alpha UDB 166 MHz, the other was a Pentium 133
MHz. Both were running 2.0.20 however)

> ended up going into /proc/3261/fd and finding and rm'ing one of the
> files that was open (presumably being served by the process before it went
> crazy). Immediately after the rm, the process died. This was under
> 2.0.18.

Interesting. Two times it has happened to me on ftp's, and once on a pppd
process. Since my Alpha was previously running 2.0.13 without problems,
we can narrow this down to somewhere between 2.0.14 and 2.0.18

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