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SubjectRe: POSIX feature or bug?
> > rkdvmhp1:windl(32) % cd /tmp
> > rkdvmhp1:windl(33) % mkdir X
> > rkdvmhp1:windl(34) % cd X
> > rkdvmhp1:windl(35) % rmdir /tmp/X
> > rmdir: /tmp/X: Cannot remove mountable directory

> Then try, just like Linus says: Open a new window (get another terminal) and
> remove it from that process... It's not possible from your "current" process,
> but most certainly from the other one.

anyway, it would be nice to check it: if you open a new window and manually
rmdir, than that's your decision. while, in contrast, if you stay in the
same window, and a program (which you might just have written) tries to do
that, than you obviously have a programm error.

a check would help detecting that programm error earlier and on the right
place. hm. well. you'd gain some minutes of debugging ... :-)

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