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SubjectRe: rebooting

>>>>> "JG" == Jason Gauthier <> writes:
In article
Jason Gauthier <> writes:

JG> Here's a problem that I have had ever since linux 1.1.59, when i started
JG> two years ago. When i issue a reboot commands (ie: shutdown -rt5 now)
JG> the mahcine unmounts the filesystems, and then says Done. it halts there
JG> and never reboots. It's kind of frusterating becuasei can't reboot my
JG> mqchine remotely, if i need to... It's a run of the mill Intel 486/100
JG> with 16 meg in it... it's got a WD 540, S3 video card, SB16, and Boca 28.8
JG> modem. I think that's it... any help is greatly appreciated.. I've asked
JG> around for a long time with no luck

This happend to me also. The solution was changing some settings in
BIOS setup. If you're using ASUS-SP3G motherboard, ask me for sending
a listing of BIOS-settings which work for me. It took several months in
which I cycled through
SporadicCrash-ChangeBIOS-Reboot-WaitForNextCrash. Now my motherboard
works reliable without any hardware failure for months! [ Knock-wood ]

Another source for the cannot-reboot-problem is bad jumpering: jumper
i486-CPU as SX-type while it's a non SX-type and vice versa.

- Andreas

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Andreas Koppenhoefer, Student der Universitaet Stuttgart, BR Deutschland
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