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SubjectRe: Bad news

> > I tried 1.2.13, kernel `scsi' from slackware 3.0. Runs eight
> > parallel crashmes without any fault. Rebooted then into 2.0.20 with
> > [ crashes ]
> Hmm.. We had some symptoms like this in the early 1.3.x releases, where 1.2.x
> was stable and 1.3.x crashed for some people due to the page links being
> stuffed up. That started happening with some mm optimizations, but that
> actually went away for people when they disabled things like "high memory
> relocation" in the BIOS chipset setup (the stuff that relocates the 384kB of
> memory that is normally hidden under the 640kb->1MB area, and makes it
> visible at the end of the memory map).
> You might want to check those kinds of settings. Other than that I'm kind of
> clueless right now, as it seems nobody else can re-create it (and "crashme"
> should be deterministic: even the "random" stuff is non-random by design so
> that you can repeat a run to verify things).
> Linus

Hmm --- I've some trouble with 2.0.20 too ... and absolute no trouble
with 2.0.0, 2.0.9, 2.0.11, and 2.0.18

2.0.20 will die on first disk access (partition check or start of
/sbin/init) within an oops

This oops occures on an i486-PCI-System with saturn II Rev 4 (without bug),
ncr53c810, and an amd586-p75 ... maybe I should check this with my old

On other systems on work (all i586) there are no problems with ncr53c810
and 53c7,8xx driver .... timing problem?


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