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SubjectRe: Perl make depend made faster (fwd)
Herbert Wengatz wrote:
>And I personally know NOBODY (!) who doesn't install perl onto his Linux-Box.
>If you would ever try perl instead of writing shell- awk- or sed-scripts,
>you would very soon realize how mighty perl *really* is.- And how fast, compared
>to the above mentioned.
I know it would be far fetched to say that you know me, but I have NOT
installed perl and I don't expect to. Over anything I favor c-programs and
I never make anything else myself (including scripts).

I think Linus' version of the make depend was a LOT better than anything else
and when you talk about non-compatible c-compilers, you may have forgotten
that most people actually uses gcc on their Linux boxes (I'm sorry that I have
no actual statistic numbers to back it up, but that is my gut feeling when
following various Linux mailing lists).

I will therefore claim that your statement about the advantages of perl wont
hold water. I would go for more C-coded utilities instead of any kind of
script, which anyway are quick-and-dirty and should only be used for such
purposes, i.e. not serious programming (I'm not giving out flame bait and will
NOT respond to any flames, on the list or private).


main(){char*s="O_>>^PQAHBbPQAHBbPOOH^^PAAHBJPAAHBbPA_H>BB";int i,j,k,l,m,n;
putchar(l<6-j?' ':l==40-j?'\n':k&&s[n]&k?'*':' ');}

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