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SubjectRe: Processes hanging on 2.0.20; not just on Alphas anymore :(
On Thu, 19 Sep 1996, Joshua M. Thompson wrote:

> I just noticed one of our Pentium servers running 2.0.20 is experiencing
> the same "hung" process problem I first noticed on my Alphas running
> 2.0.20: I have an anonymous FTP process that was started about 20 minutes
> ago that is stuck in the "R"unning state and simply will not die -- I've
> done a kill -9 on it at least five times and yet it's still just sitting

Odd. I posted about Apache 1.1.1 doing something similar last night. It
went into state R, started chewing large % of CPU, and refused to die. I
ended up going into /proc/3261/fd and finding and rm'ing one of the
files that was open (presumably being served by the process before it went
crazy). Immediately after the rm, the process died. This was under

If this is a kernel problem, I only hope it and the apparent PPP related
bug posted about today can be resolved before the developers plunge into
2.1.x. I realize new features are much more fun than debugging, but
somebody has to do it, or we end up with Linux supporting toasters, but
the system crashes before the toast is done.

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