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SubjectRe: rebooting
Ian Main wrote:
> >
> > Here's a problem that I have had ever since linux 1.1.59, when i started
> > two years ago. When i issue a reboot commands (ie: shutdown -rt5 now)
> > the mahcine unmounts the filesystems, and then says Done. it halts there
> > and never reboots. It's kind of frusterating becuasei can't reboot my
> > mqchine remotely, if i need to... It's a run of the mill Intel 486/100
> > with 16 meg in it... it's got a WD 540, S3 video card, SB16, and Boca 28.8
> > modem. I think that's it... any help is greatly appreciated.. I've asked
> > around for a long time with no luck
> >
> Hmm.. well, I was having a problem like this with my friends machine. It
> was a Cyrix 586 120 though. We managed to fiddle around in the BIOS long
> enough get it to work. I can't remember which exact setting it was, but
> it seems to me it was a write back cache or something.. (hmmm.. I wish I
> could remember) Anyway, we fiddled long enough, and got it to work. :)
> Ian

Yeah -- I've had this problem for a while, too. It started when
I upgraded my motherboard/processor to an AMD 486-80 on a SIS chipset.

To fix it, I've been using a patch that was posted to this list
a while back. The patch basically switches the processor back into
real mode and then jumps into the bootstrap code. It isn't a perfect
reset since the reset line doesn't get pulsed, but it does the job.
Somewhere around 2.0.4, arch/i386/kernel/process.c changed, and the
patch no longer applies cleanly. Maybe if I get some spare time, I'll
fix it up and repost it.


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Q: I upgraded without reading release notes, now my system's broke -
A: What the @!#* did you expect?
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