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SubjectRe: EXT2fs panic! =(
   Date: 	Wed, 18 Sep 1996 14:00:32 GMT
From: Nicolas Lichtmaier <>

The day after my post we suffered a big corruption in the directory
structure. I had been using e2fsc-1.05. I went back to 1.02.

Which version of e2fsck you were using is almost undoubtedly unrelated
to how or why you had the corruption in your directory. E2fsck *fixes*
corruption; so backing out e2fsck to version 1.02 probably wasn't the
right thing to do.

As to why you have data corruption, I don't have enough information.
Are you not cleanly shutting down your machine before rebooting or
powering down your computer? Have you recently added memory or a hard
disk which may be causing data to be corrupted when you write out to the
directory? Has your machine crashed under mysterious circumstances

There are all important and relevant issues.....

- Ted

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