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SubjectRe: rebooting
> From: Jason Gauthier <>
> Subject: rebooting
> Here's a problem that I have had ever since linux 1.1.59, when i started
> two years ago. When i issue a reboot commands (ie: shutdown -rt5 now)
> the mahcine unmounts the filesystems, and then says Done. it halts there
> and never reboots. It's kind of frusterating becuasei can't reboot my
> mqchine remotely, if i need to... It's a run of the mill Intel 486/100
> with 16 meg in it... it's got a WD 540, S3 video card, SB16, and Boca 28.8
> modem. I think that's it... any help is greatly appreciated.. I've asked
> around for a long time with no luck
> Jason
Except for the problem my machine is completely different.
P5/100 on TMC PCI54IT MB, 64MB Memory, AHA2940, #9 I128 or ATI MACH64, PAS16,
Teles S0/16.0 ISDN, 3COM 3C590 PCI, 4 SCSI-Disks, QIC525, HP DAT, Plextor 6xCD.
I boot using loadlin from config.sys because I don't know how to boot linux from
sdc1 with lilo. I got halfway used to not being able to do a reboot from linux.
(UnixWare and Solaris x86 have no problem) But as it looks like I'm not alone
I have some hope that this might get fixed some day.
BTW, I could not reboot since I got the P5 board, the rest of the system
changed a few times without affecting the problem

Just my 0.02 DM :)


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