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Subjectmodules problems
I have begun to try to use modules again, and am still having

I have a P5-100, ide, etc.

I am using kernel 2.0.20 and modules 2.0 from the RH-3.0.3 upgrade page.

I have an ISA Western Digital 8013 ethernet card. When I compile its
support into the kernel, there is no problem.

When I try to compile it as a loadable module, and use insmod, I get
error messages saying symbol versions don't match and it won't load.
The same thing happens with my sound.o modules and ppp.o. I have tried
this both the config_mod_versions turned on and off. It does not make
any difference.

I also have a 3COM590, and the module works fine for this with insmod,
rmmod giving no problems at all.

Is there anyone out there who has successfully used the module version
of the WD8013?

Any ideas are appreciated.


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| Mathematics Department | |
| Michigan State University | telephone: 517-355-9684 |
| E. Lansing, MI 48824-1027 USA | FAX: 517-432-1562 |

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