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SubjectRe: Perl make depend made faster (fwd)
Mr. Jolt Cola <> writes:

>I wish you guys with Microsoft Fail would take pity on us unix slobs
>and hold it to 80 chars per line. :P

>> I know it would be far fetched to say that you know me, but I have NOT
>> installed perl and I don't expect to. Over anything I favor c-programs and
>> I never make anything else myself (including scripts).
>> I think Linus' version of the make depend was a LOT better than anything else

>I think Linus' version is great, but it does not mean that C is the
>fastest, easiest, and probably most bug free way to accomplish a

Maybe not, but it's the proper way to accomplish a *time-consuming* task.

C is simply faster than Perl, and if speed wasn't important here, we would
have stayed with AWK. So what?

(BTW: The program is ugly, but *quite* portable)

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