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SubjectRe: Corrupt program files
On Wed, 18 Sep 1996, William M. Perkins wrote:

> I just had something unusual happen. Although I do not really know
> when it happened. The gzip binary in /bin, and its hard linked
> counterparts /bin/gunzip and /bin/zcat, are corrupt! This is some-
> thing I do not expect to happen and it has never happened before as
> far as I know. I am running the 2.0.20 kernel on a 486/DX2 and no

Bizarrely, precisely the same thing happened to me last week. I had just
upgraded to 2.0.20 (from 2.0.4) and was doing a fresh install on one
machine off CD-ROM. When it came to reboot with the newly-installed
system, gzip was corrupt in some way (though the file length was right).
I never worked out how it happened. I reinstalled again and the problem
didn't recur, though it was a bit worrying.

It seems a bit improbable that it's a kernel thing though. At the time I
put it down to cosmic rays or something, because I didn't have time to
chase it properly.


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