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SubjectOut of virtual memory ???
On one of our servers we had this situation:
We were configuring our MX's and we made a mistake in,
it doesn't matter:
The result was that there were 130 sendmails running all the time,
and in swap was about 15 MB.
We have about 130 MB of total swapspace and 32 of RAM, and
random processes started to get kicked off with information:
Out of virtual memory !.

What is going on ? 14 MB in swap and out of virtual memory ???

System: based on redhat-3.0.3, with redhat updates for kernel 2.0.0,
running kernel: 2.0.8
libc: 5.2.18
processor: i486 DX4/120

Bartlomiej Czardybon
PiK-Net, SysAdm

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