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SubjectRe: NFS as a module / kerneld question

Peter Desnoyers wrote:
>>But what if you _did_ use them (the NFS module was autoloaded, remember?),
>>but not any more (which is why you'd want the kernel/kerneld to auto-remove
>I find it hard to imagine an environment where you would occasionally
>NFS-mount something. If you did, you would probably be using the
>auto-mounter, which uses NFS continuously anyway.
I sometimes find that I need a bunch of files from A on B. The easiest
thing to do is to just do an NFS mount, pull the files, then unmount the
server. Same thing when I need to read a DOS or Macintosh floppy. Setting
up the automounter for that is just plain stupid. (Do _you_ use the
automounter for floppies?)

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