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Subjectisofs problems
  Hi, all. I have experienced problems reading some CD-ROMs written by
a CD-ROM writer we have. In some cases the "." entry is missing from
subdirectories of the CD-ROM's root directory. The same CD-ROMs are
fine when read on a Solaris 2 (sparc) or IRIX 6 machine (the "." entry
is present).
The ".." entry is OK: it always seems to be there.
When the "." entry is missing, I can chdir to the directory, but then
I can't list the files in that directory, I have to do it from
elsewhere. I can still access my files in a roundabout way, but it's
quite annoying not being able to chdir freely.
Has anyone else experienced this, or have any ideas as to what is
going wrong?



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