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SubjectRe: reboot problem
On Tue, 17 Sep 1996, Dale Scheetz wrote:

> On Tue, 17 Sep 1996, Herbert Wengatz wrote:
> > I have (had?) the same problem. I've two nearly identical Machines, both
> > have the same problem. - But yesterday I decided to toggle a little
> > with the BIOS setup. - Eh' voila, one of them now boots through !!!
> > (The other one isn't yet tested!)
> >
> > ... and I use Loadlin. :-)
> >
> Unless loadlin is setting the kernel up in such a way that it fails later
> then there is no connection between loadlin and the failure. If loadlin
> DOES set the kernel up differently than lilo, then it needs to stop doing
> that.

Sorry, but there is nothing Loadlin does like 'setting up the kernel',
it just tries to mimic a 'resetted machine' then loads the kernel.
Keep in mind that DOS, TSRs and driver all fiddle along with the hardware,
hence beeing in DOS is not the same then having a freshly rebooted machine as
LILO can expect.

I know about these problems, and I tried to solve them, however I'm
afraid that I can't solve them. One of my machines also have the same effect
when rebooting from Windows 95 (and _did_ reboot from DOS 6.2), therefor
this problem seems not to be Linux specific.

Anyway, Linux needs not to be rebooted such often, hence pressing the
reset button will not produce a bleeding finger :-)


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