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SubjectRe: 2.0.20 and SMP..
> > Alan: I changed the interrupts back to what they used to be, partly because
> > you reported that it didn't work on SMP. It was obviously something else that
> > broke SMP, not the interrupt changes. Can SMP people try to pinpoint what
> > patch it is that breaks it?
> Hopefully. 2.0.19/20 are rock solid here, and its only the irq changes that
> cause my neptune board any problems. That may make it a little trickier to
> find. Do all the folks with problems have the same chipset ?

I'm running 2.0.20 on an ASUS P54NP4 (neptune) dual-P90 and it hasn't
locked up. I'll try to beat on it (make World in XFree86 tree) and see
if it breaks.

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Internet Labs, Inc. BellNet: 404-817-9787

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