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SubjectRe: reboot problem
On Tue, 17 Sep 1996, Herbert Wengatz wrote:

> +> Richard Guenther wrote:
> +> >
> +> Could you just tell us if you also load linux with loadlin,
> +> and if it is the case, try to load it with lilo to test if
> +> it behaves the same.
> +>
> I have (had?) the same problem. I've two nearly identical Machines, both
> have the same problem. - But yesterday I decided to toggle a little
> with the BIOS setup. - Eh' voila, one of them now boots through !!!
> (The other one isn't yet tested!)
> They both have a SOYO 486 Mainboard, both running with the 133 MHz AMD-CPU.
> It seems to be a problem with RAMs. - I had a very fast timing entered
> originally, and now I made it more relaxed. - That's all.
> I hope I've not too high performance loss for now... :-(
> ... and I use Loadlin. :-)
I would like to suggest that loadlin is a red herring. I use loadlin and
my machine also exhibits these reboot problems.
HOWEVER, I can ALWAYS reboot the system immediately after such a boot up.
I can ALMOST ALWAYS reboot after several hours, and SOMETIMES even after
several days, but this is very rare.
Unless loadlin is setting the kernel up in such a way that it fails later
then there is no connection between loadlin and the failure. If loadlin
DOES set the kernel up differently than lilo, then it needs to stop doing
My suspision, and it's nothing more than that, is that something in the
kernel is inadvertantly clobbering the boot vector in memory (I's either at 0000 or FFFE?) so that reboot jumps into the swamp
when it tries.



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