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Subjecttcp strangness

2.0.20, just did the following:

# killall -9 httpd

still, a "telnet localhost 80" got me a "Connected to ...."
but there was no process listening on port 80. trying to
received data (GET / HTTP/1.0<cr><cr> manually) did not produce
anything (no "invalid url" or "connection closed", just a hang).

netstat showed a connection at port 80 in FIN_WAIT2

after a while, a "telnet localhost 80" would simply result
in nothing, neither a "Connected to ..." nor a "Connection refused".
the telnet would just hang (eventually timing out, which I did not
wait for).

in this status, I tried to start a new httpd, but the daemon would
fail with an error message: "couldn not bind to port" (cern-httpd).

I had to reboot the machine in order to start httpd again.


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