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SubjectRe:AHA2940UW vs. MSDOS/VFAT file systems
On Mon, 16 Sep 1996  Randy Gobbel  wrote 

>I've had similar problems with MSDOS and VFAT file systems in previous 2,0
>kernels, but a) things were just weirdly slow, the system eventually
>recovered, and b) I didn't know where to send kernel bug reports. Now I'm
>getting a hard failure, with kernel 2.0.19 or 2.0.20, with or without
>VFAT/MSDOS as modules:

We have found similar problems, in fact with the same error output, when
performing gzip -t file_of_500Mb, the HD was a 4Gb Quantum Atlas.
With Seagate Barracuda ST15150W the system does not hang so easily but
still fails under a more demanding program. The problems seem to disappear
when the clock speed is set to 6.8Mhz but not higher!

We have tested several kernels from 1.3.98 to 2.0.20, although the error
output changes, the problems persist.

Antonio Munoz

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