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SubjectRe: crashme crashes 2.0.20 with guarantee :-(
On Mon, 16 Sep 1996 22:12:17 GMT, Gerard Roudier wrote:

> For the moment, crashme has been ran about 30 times with the suggested
> parameters and the suggested "ulimit". No crash, at least for my system.

[BTW: I did not set ulimit]

> Boris: is there something more hard than I can try?

I really want to know :(

What I did recently is to compile absolute bare kernel. (Yes, Linus, I
tried with native Linux NCR driver too -- doesn't makes any difference.)
What it does nicely and repeatedly booted from that kernel is either
OOPSes or locks hard with Shift-Scroll (Oh... Or was it Alt-Scroll? What
shows memory information) after showing first entry like

( <several>*1k

What I can try now? Well, I'll try compile it with -m386 instead of
486... Can't imagine something else useful. Can unset ulimit be the cause
of trouble? It shouldn't, but there shouldn't be bugs, anyway :-)

Best regards, -- Boris.

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