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SubjectRe: crashme crashes 2.0.20 with guarantee :-(
On Mon, 16 Sep 1996 22:59:55 GMT, Gerard Roudier wrote:

> I did not see your hardware configuration. Did I miss something?
> I have a look at your CONFIG.
> I guess the following:
> 486 or clone + PCI optimizations + idecd + no buggy IDE controller.
> I would prefer knowing exactly your hardware configuration.

AMD 486dx4-120 (no, not overclocked), Vesa-Isa-Pci motherboard (all
timings are now slowest possible), 20M ram (Siemens 60ns :), noname NCR
53c810 SCSI card, two hard drives: Conner <something> reporting as
SUN0.535G :), Quantum Maverik (BTW, there are two swap partitions on both
disks, 25M each), noname IDE/multiIO card with Quantum Caviar 200M disk
and Toshiba ATAPI cd attached, two serial/one parallel card (yes, there
are: mouse, modem, AD terminal and UPS), noname ESS1688-based sound card
with wavetable daughterboard and MIDI keyboard on it's MIDI bus.

BTW, there is some other strange thing WRT my hardware (or kernel?).
Once I actively worked with A/D terminal, I've noticed very misterious
thing. When /dev/ttyS? is open (getty's running) and terminal is turned
off, there are interrupts on that port (at least, as it's reported in
/proc/interrupts) running at rate ~3000/sec. Later I shut down getty and
forgot about that. Even later, when I attached MIDI keyboard, I saw the
same thing! When sound driver is loaded, but keyboard is turned off,
there are some 3000 interrupts/sec on MPU line!! What a mess...

For those who don't know. Most sound cards these days have MPU-401 dumb
mode - compatible interface, which is in fact current loop UART, on them.
MIDI keyboard is serial divice capable to send bytes to this UART.
Wavetable daughterboard is hooked to the same interface (it has bus
topology) as a receiver.

> IMHO, some configuration as the above can crash easily without any help,
> but my guess is probably wrong.

Grrrhm... :)

Best regards, -- Boris.

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