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SubjectRe: Help with UDP + IP Masqueraded Networks
} On 13 Sep 96 at 10:12, Ben Abarbanel wrote:
} > I have not gotten a reply from anyone, does that mean you don't know the
} > answer or don't care?
} Ease the tone down a bit......
} It mean's that you cannot masquerade UDP packets at all, without the
} use of a helper module (if it's possible at all). See the raudio
} module in the kernel

Nice try, but no banana!

UDP packets masquerade very nicely thank you - to prove it make your
system use a namesever outside the masquerade.

UDP works exactly the same as TCP in that a "session" (a term which
doesn't really apply to UDP) has to be started from inside the
masquerade, and then packets between the 2 end point ports will come
and go quite happily. Session is closed after an inactivity timeout.

A helper module is needed when a session cannot be started up from
the inside in that fashion - for real audio a TCP control channel
defines the reverse UDP audio data channel, and the helper then sets
this channel up through the masquerade.


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