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SubjectRe: Problems with large ext2 fs in 2.0
Grant Guenther <> writes:
> The disk is a 2G IDE drive. There's another 1.2 G drive in the system,
> with a 1G ext2 FS on it that has no problems whatever.

I have notice similar problems with two machines that I had to
install. Both of them experienced serious data corruption on IDE
drives. This happened both under Linux and Win95, thus I concluded
that it was probably a hardware problem. After shortening the flat
ribbon cables to about 6in, the problems disappeared.

It seems that the lack of proper termination in the IDE specs causes
serious problems at high data rates. Thus, this is one more reason to
go for a SCSI based system instead. I never encountered any such
problems with my SCSI equipment, even though in one case, the bus is
about 18ft long. I make sure though, that I always install active
terminators at both ends of the bus!

So long,


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