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SubjectConsole bug
There has been a console bug that I've had ever since I upgraded my video
card. The card is a STB Nitro 64 2MB card. Basically, scrolling doesn't work
right; the screen's left edge will suddenly be in the middle and it will
wrap along the same line.

For example, I'll get something like this:

ast The dog ran f
low The cat ran s

This will keep on until I either switch consoles, or there's another line
written. Occasionally, the bug will persist for several lines. This got
*extremely* bad in 2.0.20, after it was up a while. In fact, it was so bad I
couldn't read a legible directory listing.

The system doesn't crash, so there's no OOPS or anything of the sort. The
video card is perfectly fine, and works with DOS, X, and Windows.

Something which worked long ago in the 1.3 tree, which was to set
"hardscroll" to false in the console driver code, no longer works. I figure
what's happening is that the driver is messing with some registers that my
card doesn't like. This bug is livable with in 2.0.16 and below, but in
2.0.20 (meaning that something probably changed to make it worse between
those two versions) it's completely rediculous. It makes me dizzy, for
crying out loud.

I'm using a 132x60x9 video mode. The card supports it, according to the tech
support guys.

I don't know what could cause this one. It looks like it only occurs after
some condition is met, since it all starts at once, and looks like it's in
the code which scrolls up and down. I don't even know where to begin looking.

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