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SubjectRe: Module Versioning Problems: How to "probe" for SMP
I have completed the modification to get module versionning differently
for SMP and non SMP (2-3 files to modify). I will send a patch to this
list later.

In my earlier message, I was suggesting that modules for non-SMP goes in


while, modules for SMP go in


or something like this. This would be handy for developpers and for people
who have SMP related hardware problems (remember the TYAN thread :-) ) and
want to switch back and forth between two types of kernel.

So now, I am running a 2.0.20 smp kernel on my non SMP Pentium machine. As
expected, it works. My problem is simple

How do I know I am running a SMP kernel. I know I can go in /proc/cpuinfo
and count the number of CPU reported there. Yet on my system, there is
only one, and I am running a SMP kernel, so I need to load SMP
aware modules. For example, one may have disable one cpu (using the BIOS)
and reboot his system with the only kernel he has (A smp one).

I was looking for some simple way to probe the information available in
/proc maybe. It there any ? Should we add one ? This would reduce the


Jacques Gelinas (
Linuxconf: The ultimate administration system for Linux.

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