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SubjectIPC on 2.0.x

Is anyone else seeing the following messages:
shm_swap: bad pgmid! id=2 start=401e5000 idx=2130

I am getting quite a few of these messages whenever a port
of the D3 database for Linux is running. The D3 Database depends
heavily on shared memory and apparently the message only appears
on 2.0.x kernels. So far, all the kernels up to a 2.0.17 has produced
it. No hardware information included as it seems to happen on almost
every combination of hardware tried.

What I would like to know is:
1) Is this message a harmless warning?
2) If not, what would be a fix or a path to track down the
3) This seems to be related to a high swap usage. Is this resulting
in a memory/swap leak?

I've tried looking at the source and it doesn't seem to answer any of those

Comments and suggestions are welcomed.


-- Hunyue Yau
Dragon's Lair, USA -- Dragon Slayer -- +1.818.395.1012
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