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SubjectRe: Module Versioning Problems: How to "probe" for SMP
On Mon, 16 Sep 1996, Alan Cox wrote:

> > In an SMP kernel 'smp_num_cpus' is a _variable_, in non-SMP kernel it is
> > a '#define smp_num_cpus 1', it is neither in ksyms nor can it be
> > checked in a module or insmod.
> >
> > Really, it would be good to have it as _variable_ in both kernel types.
> No it wouldn't. Not from a compiler output and performance viewpoint. The
> bug is in the module stuff failing to discover a difference. We just need
> a way to help it along

Ah yes, we are knowing it's a bug, and the current discussion is _how_
either insmod or the modules can easily detect the type of the kernel.
( look at the subject ;-) )

Why not let say the kernel _what_ he is ?
If 'smp_num_cpus' shouldn't be a variable due to performance, well then
lets have a new one, which is only used for module purpose.
An alternative is to merge the info into UTS_VERSION or LINUX_COMPILE_*.

So long,

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