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SubjectRe: Module Versioning Problems: How to "probe" for SMP
> > It also would be great if we have a kernel parameter to force an SMP-kernel
> > to use only one CPU (e.g. smpboot=no). This would not need to change
> > the BIOS's setup.
> A one processor SMP boot isnt the same as a non SMP kernel at all. Also
> smp_num_cpus is a constant in the single processor kernel so the loops fold
> out of the single CPU kernel

... so the solution is to build a separate single processor kernel,
and have LILO boot it too.

Use an intuitive name like 'linux-smp' and have it boot by default.
Note: This is a great feature of LILO - use it! :-) It is handy to
keep a 'linux-old' for your last kernel built, and 'linux-works'
for a kernel you have personally proven reliable.

Andrew E. Mileski
Linux Plug-and-Play Project Leader
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