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SubjectRe: National Semi 87306 IDE support
Well, I moved the WD 31600H 1.6G to another system (a 133 486 with the
ali 1477/1479 chipset , rebuilt the 2.0.20 kernel with the ali support,
did a hdparm -u 1 -m 16 -p4 and voila' 4.6 MB/s. Much better. So maybe
WD is not so great a support organization and has some problems with
quality control, but the bandwidth problem I was having is is because
of the 87306 chip, not the drive. When I boot with the machine with
the 87306, I fet this message:

Warning : Unknown PCI device (8086:84c5). Please read include/linux/pci.

Everything in the system except the 87306 is recognized, so it must be
that this chip is not.

[... deletia of WD war stories ...]

Ed Welbon;;

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