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SubjectCyclades support for Linux/AXP ?

I got a request from an internet provider trying to use the following

- Alpha AXP 20164/300
- Cyclom Yep16 Multiport Karte
- U.S. Robotics Courier Modems
- RedHat Linux 3.0.3 AXP

with no success so far (didn't mention exactly what didn't work).

does anyone know if/why/why_not cyclades cards work with Linux/AXP
or maybe which kernel revision is needed ?

looking through the driver source I found that for one card
(PCI card "above 1MB" whatever that means) vremap() is called
which didn't work for Linux/AXP for the NCR810 driver before.
might this be a problem here too (don't know if needed for this card yet) ?

any other idea what to test/ask/.. or any experiance with Cyclades cards
in combination with Alpha/AXP ?

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