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SubjectRe: novice pest:win95 over linux?
In article <>,
Ethan Emeson <> writes:
>Yes, I know this is not the place, but please consider the IMMENSE
>heartache I could be spared by the benefit of a (your) terse
>one-line reply.
> Don't ask me why, but I'm presently wanting to install
>win95 over my dos/wfw partition. QUESTION: Those of you who've done this, is
>the microcephalicSoft install utility savy enough to NOT format my e2fs
>(if it matters, its an OEM distribution i.e. the install utility seems to
>operates with certain assumptions about my filesystem?? And I'm unsure
>how far it's willing to act on these).
Well, Yes but be sure to make a Linux rescue bootflop first.
You will need it since Win95 does'nt format your e2fs partitions or other
things that bad, but it does ovewrite the Lilo boot sector. So after
installing Win95, you have to rerun Lilo to set things right.
You can use the same lilo.conf (perhaps change the label 'Dos' to 'Win95'?).

>--Ethan, paranoid, nubile
Be sure to stay paranoid when dealing with MS stuff!!


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