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SubjectRe: Quick question.
On Sun, 15 Sep 1996, Ray Lehtiniemi wrote:
> > I had to _add_ some code to the (E)IDE driver to properly detect
> > EATA compliant (DPT et al.) SCSI controllers and drop them.....
> > They do a ATA interface emulation in hardware and an unsuspecting EIDE
> > driver would always detect them and start using them.
> >
> > It would work fine for the first two drives.....but you couldn't access the
> > rest of the devices (besides loosing all of the other SCSI advantages).
> that would explain these phantom hdc and hdd i've been meaning to ask
> about :) are these supposed to show up, or should they be dropped as well?
> this is the dmesg output for my 2.0.12 kernel.

> ide: i82371 PIIX (Triton) on PCI bus 0 function 57
> ide0: BM-DMA at 0xffa0-0xffa7
> ide0 timing: (0x8000) sample_CLKs=5, recovery_CLKs=4
> master: fastDMA=off PreFetch=off IORDY=off fastPIO=off
> slave : fastDMA=off PreFetch=off IORDY=off fastPIO=off
> hda: Pioneer CD-ROM ATAPIModel DR-UP124X 0100, ATAPI CDROM drive
> hdc: probing with STATUS instead of ALTSTATUS
> hdc: EATA SCSI HBA PM2124A
> hdd: probing with STATUS instead of ALTSTATUS
> hdd: EATA SCSI HBA PM2124A
> ide0 at 0x1f0-0x1f7,0x3f6 on irq 14
> Floppy drive(s): fd0 is 1.44M
> Started kswapd v
> FDC 0 is a post-1991 82077
> EATA (Extended Attachment) driver version: 2.58g
> developed in co-operation with DPT
> (c) 1993-96 Michael Neuffer, mike@i-Connect.Net
> Registered HBAs:
> HBA no. Boardtype Revis EATA Bus BaseIO IRQ DMA Ch ID Pr QS S/G IS
> scsi0 : PM2124A/9X- v07C.0 2.0c PCI 0x0170 11 BMST 1 7 N 64 64 N
> scsi0 : EATA (Extended Attachment) HBA driver
> scsi : 1 host.

No, they are supposed to show up this way. This indicates that
the ide driver has indeed recognized them as EATA compilant SCSI
hardware and has dropped them.


Michael Neuffer i-Connect.Net, a Division of iConnect Corp.
mike@i-Connect.Net 14355 SW Allen Blvd., Suite 140
503.677..2900 Beaverton, OR 97008

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