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SubjectRe: Perl make depend made faster
> > 		Perl has the problem that it easily uses lots of memory, and 
> > also that it isn't always there. If people really care, how about
> > optimizing this patch instead?
> >
> Thou art a harsh taskmaster, but teach wisely. I'm not sure I care _that_
> much :)
> I think I will just stare at mkdep.c for a couple of days and ponder on
> the ways of the wizards, hoping that I will learn as much more of C as I
> did of Perl while writing

This is fairly unrelated to the actual posting in this thread that I replied
to. This is the only one still in my mailspool, so I keep it.

The AWK version of "make dep" took, on average, a little over an hour here.
Sometimes it would take as long as four or five for reasons I never found.
Linus' mkdep.c did it in about 10 minutes.

The machine? 386/20 with a Cyrix 386->486 (aka "Warmed over 386") chip with
1K cache, and 8MB RAM. No active swapping from GCC.

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