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15 Sep 1996

[New] Re: Problem with 2.0.20"Adam D. Bradley"
  Re: Perl make depend made fasterEdward Welbon
  Re: 2.0.20 and SMP..Linus Torvalds
  Re: sound driver + memcpy patch = problemHannu Savolainen
  Re: NE2000 PCI clones patches: Vote!Colin Coghill
  Re: NE2000 PCI clones patches: Vote!Philip Blundell
[New] ide questionAndi Gutmans
  Re: kernel: keyboard buffer overflow"Peter T. Breuer"
  Re: Perl make depend made fasterMichael Stiller
  Re: Perl make depend made fasterLinus Torvalds
  Re: 2.0.20 and SMP..(Alan Cox)
  Re: NE2000 PCI clones patches: Vote!emoenke
  Re: 2.0.20 and SMP..Oliver Teuber
  Re: Booting off of a MD striped drive?Matthias Urlichs
  Re: NFS as a module / kerneld questionMatthias Urlichs
[New] Digiboard documentation patchLindsay Haisley
  Re: memory testing [was: Re: General protection fault in kswapd i ...Matthias Urlichs
  Re: Problem with 2.0.20"William E. Roadcap"
  Re: Quick question.Michael Neuffer
[New] memcpy patch = problem, solved.Michel LESPINASSE
[New] GP fault shutting down 2.0.19Thomas Koenig
[New] 2.0.19 tty->count warningThomas Koenig
  Re: Perl make depend made fasterLuca Lizzeri
[New] RE: telnet/ttyp problems(Alan Cox)
[New] Yet Another Networking Diff(Alan Cox)
  Re: changing the keyboard repeat rate. Andries.Brouwer@cwi ...
  Re: GP fault shutting down 2.0.19Mike Kilburn
[New] RDTSC for good profiling under LinuxMichael B Herf
  Re: Quick question.Ray Lehtiniemi
[New] Re: Inconsistent test in s[dr].c (2.0.18)?"Leonard N. Zubkoff"
[New] Re: Help with UDP + IP Masqueraded Networks"Graham Mitchell"
[New] Re: NE2000 PCI clones patches: Vote!Albert Cahalan
[New] Module Versioning Problems(Alan Cox)
  Re: Perl make depend made fasterJason Burrell
  Re: Quick question.Michael Neuffer
  Re: novice pest:win95 over linux?(Peter J. de Vrijer)
[New] How to do execve in kernel_thread ...?(Thomas Omerzu)
  Re: Quick question.(H. Peter Anvin)
  Re: Module Versioning ProblemsHans Lermen
  Re: Problem with 2.0.20(Nick Holloway)
  Re: patch: NFS and O_EXCL. Also: is O_EXCL really atomic?Linus Torvalds
  Re: Problem with 2.0.20Jared Roberts
  Re: General protection fault in kswapd in 2.0.18Dan Merillat
[New] Re: Problem with 2.0.20Larry Mintz
[New] Small problem in Menuconfig sound config"William E. Roadcap"
  Re: Quick question.Dan Merillat
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