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SubjectRe: National Semi 87306 IDE support
My WD caviar 31600H drive works fine under DOS with better than 3MB/s xfer
rates. So what I am getting from all this is that the 87306 has some
quirks that the IDE code does not like.

On Sat, 14 Sep 1996, Tyson D Sawyer wrote:

> Well, from our point of view, exchanged drives that may also fail is no
> solution. When your reputation is at stake, you can't continue to
> hope that the failures stop. You have to determine what the problem is
> and fix it. WD would do nothing to help us.

Hmm, my drive has been powered on constantly for about a year. I rarely
power it down, and do not use any power management functions whatsoever
(always spinning) so any problem with the RPM not being up prior to head
motion is moot to me. Too bad about your negative experiences.

Ed Welbon;;

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