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SubjectCD ROM Troubles (Solution #2)

> > I tried the patch he provided and option (c) proved successful. I tried a
> > number of tests with the CD ROM drive and was unable to cause a failure.
> > Options (a) and (b) actually made the problem worse.

> Thanks, I'm glad that it worked. Could you please check for me if:
> 1. Assuming your bios allows you to program PIO modes, does choosing
> PIO mode 0 (the slowest) for the CDROM, without any kernel patch,
> also eliminates the data corruption?
> 2. If not, does the following minimal patch still works with
> "hdc=slow"? (it contains only the ide.[ch] part of the previous
> patch, without the ide-cd.c and triton.c parts).

> Thanks,

No problem. I'm sorry it took this long to get back to you. As far as I
know, my BIOS does not allow me to program PIO modes. The second option
with the minimal patch did work.

Any ideas on if (and when) this patch will make it into the kernel?

> Gadi Oxman


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