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SubjectRe: National Semi 87306 IDE support
> mention of the chip. I have seen lots of problems with the large (<850MB) 
> WD drives, in terms of both performance and reliability. I booted a

I assume you mean >

> friend's system with this drive and a generic VLB controller, and got
> 1.45MB/sec, so i really doubt its the controller (an older quantum drive
> in that same system gets 2.5MB/sec). I'd suggest trying a different
> drive, prefereably one that benchmarks significantly faster in somebody
> else's Linux system. I have a quantum Scirroco 1.7gig that gives
> 5.5MB/sec under DMA (Triton II) and 4.5MB/sec under PIO4. It managed
> about 2.4MB/sec under PIO3 on my old motherboard (with a buggy CMD640A).

Most of the WD drives are not that fast. Except for one flakey Dell at work
I've been impressed with their reliability so far. I've got some that have
run 24x7 for about 6 years now.


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