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    SubjectRe: novice pest:win95 over linux?
    > 	Don't ask me why, but I'm presently wanting to install
    > win95 over my dos/wfw partition. QUESTION: Those of you who've done this, is
    > the microcephalicSoft install utility savy enough to NOT format my e2fs
    > (if it matters, its an OEM distribution i.e. the install utility seems to
    > operates with certain assumptions about my filesystem?? And I'm unsure
    > how far it's willing to act on these).

    You can install Win95, which will politely write your boot sector,
    which then makes it necessary to boot from a Linux floppy and
    rerun LILO to fix it. Win95 will leave your other partitions alone,
    however so this should not be a problem.


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