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SubjectRe: sound driver + memcpy patch = problem
   Date: 	Sat, 14 Sep 1996 02:09:09 -0400
From: Russell Berry <>

I had the same problem compiling, but I went a different route, I
compiled the sound driver into the kernel, not as a module, and it
finally compiled properly. Still, there _is_ a problem. I would
prefer to have my sound as a module...

I don't use modules at all, so I haven't tripped over this. I'll try
compiling it up that way to see what happens.

Michel LESPINASSE wrote:
> There is a problem with the latest kernels and the memcpy patch.
> kernels 2.0.18 were fine, but 2.0.19 and 2.0.20 cannot compile their
> sound drivers if I also add in the pentium memcpy patch

I couldn't find anything in patch-2.0.19 that looks suspicious. There
was only one sound file that changed, and it was completely
innocuous. There wasn't a single reference to memcpy.

Did you rerun make dep?

> I get a lot of linking errors like this :
> sequencer.o(.text+0x243b): undefined reference to `__generic_memcpy_fromfs'
> sequencer.o(.text+0x24af): undefined reference to `__generic_memcpy_tofs'

Is it only these two symbols, or is it also ___zero_chunk and __memcpy_g?

> I can compile this newer kernels if I disable the pentium memcpy
> routine - I mean, I let the patch in, but I say "no" in my make xconfig
> I think this is only that some headers for the sound driver are different
> that those of the rest of the kernel.... probably I could track down the
> error, but I will easyly spend an afternoon on this. So I just hope that
> Hannu will know what changed before 2.0.19, and it will change that back
> in a few seconds :) but if this problem persists in the next kernel or if
> someone asks me to track it down, i'll do it myself :)

The headers look fine to me.

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