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SubjectRe: Disk Mirroring
In article <>,
John_Wier <> writes:
>Can anyone tell me if there is a way of mirroring disks in Linux? We use
>this approach at work to give our system online redundance so if a disk
>starts to go bad, we break the mirror and take the offending disk/partitions
>off line until the repair/replacement is done. Since all data is
>duplicated on the mirror device, the user has no idea that a disk failure
>has occured.
You're after RAID support. Doesn't exist (yet). Very Clever People
are working on it...

For the cuurent state of play, look into md.

shivan:~> cat /usr/src/linux/Documentation/Changes
Multiple device

Multiple device support (allowing you to group several partitions
into one logical device) has also been added. Check out to try this


As I understand it, this is never as good as a special RAID controller.
This is a very clever box, which pretends to be a SCSI (or whatever) HDD
while actually containing 9 (or whatever) real SCSI HDD's. As far as Linux
is concerned, it's just got a SCSI HDD, and doesn't care any more.

These are normally better than a software solution, because you can do
things like take out a broken HDD, and replace it, while the system
is online.

They are, howvere, expensive....

The best UK M:tG tourney page:

(Not that I'm biased ;)

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