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SubjectRe: multi-slot cdrom drive
No.  Not currently.  I plan on working on this in the future.  However, I
would like to see a good example of a virtual file system for the
Linux 2.0 kernel. userfs and supermount where both interesting but do not
seem to be available for Linux 2.0. Also, if your going to mount multiple
CDs at the same time then it would be nice if progress was made on the Ben
Caching File System.

If anyone has worked on creating something like userfs for the Linux 2.0
kernel, then please email me at

Ben Galliart (

On Tue, 10 Sep 1996, Jeremiah Jahn wrote:

> I have a nex 4x4 cd-changer and was wonderng if any1 knew of a way to munt
> all four slots simultaniusly...? -jj-

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