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SubjectRe: Problems with large ext2 fs in 2.0
I had some similar experience with my newly installed 
1.7G harddisk (as hdb), It keeps giving me corrupted files, especially
when I am dealing with large file (>3 MB).

I tested my drive under DOS and ran Norton Disk Diag on it
but it reported no problem at all.

I am using 1.3.93 Linux and I am starting to suspect that it is a kernel
related problem.

I gather from someone that there are some controller bugs that may
exhibit such symptom when using hda and hdb together.

Still desparately looking for a solution..............


Grant Guenther wrote:
> After a total failure of a disk in my news server last week, I had to
> reinstall the entire system. As the news server had previously been an
> (old) Slackware system running INN, I decided to try Slackware96 for this
> one.
> Everything went smoothly, although I had some problem with nnrpd from
> the current kit and replaced it with an old one.
> BUT - I'm now getting regular FS corruption - illegal and duplicated blocks -
> all over one of the file systems - a 2G ext2 partition. There are no
> disk errors logged. Multiple fsck runs seem to keep finding bitmap
> differences - which strongly suggests a hardware problem.
> fsck is e2fsck 1.04, 16-May-96 for EXT2 FS 0.5b, 95/08/09
> The kernel is Linux 2.0 (as distributed with Slackware 96).
> The disk is a 2G IDE drive. There's another 1.2 G drive in the system,
> with a 1G ext2 FS on it that has no problems whatever.
> Does anyone recall any problems with ext2 in 2.0 or am I looking at some
> subtle disk problem that is not being detected by the IDE driver (the
> latter is my current hypothesis).
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Grant R. Guenther
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